Geography of Jashpur Region

Jashpur district is divided in two parts as per the geographical point of views.The hilly belt,the northern part, running from Loroghat kastura,Narayanpur ,Bagicha up to the Surguja district.This belt having forest area.It has a reserve forest also. It covers the Sanna,Bagicha and narayanpur.This pat area is called uppar Ghat. Upper ghat is climed through Loroghat.Loroghat is about 4 KM in length and there are three turnings of very dangerous. And the remaining southern part is called nichghat.In jashpur raigarh road , there are two more ghats , Jhanda bhat before Kansabel and Belaghat after Kansabel.Both are of climbing.

The north south length of this district is about 150 Kms, and its east-west breadth is about 85 Kms. Its total area is 6,205 Sq.Km . It lies in the Northern corner of Chhattisgarh adjoining the border of Bihar ,Jharkhand & Orissa in the eastern side. It is between 22dig 17min And 23dig 15min North latitude and 83dig 30min And 84dig 24min East latitude. The upper ghat is an extension plateau covering 1384 sq. Kms. Which is about 1200 meters above sea level and is covered with the dense forest. The elevated plateau called "Pat" Nichghat is plane in general.But It also having many big mountains.Kunkuri is the hottest region in nichghat during summer and Pandrapat is the coldest region in uppar ghat in winter.

The main towns situated on the national high way (N.H.78) are Ludam, Gholeng and Jashpur in the Uppar ghat and Kunkuri, Bandarchuwan, Kansabel, Ludeg and Patthalgaon.The running raods from Jashpur H.Q are (1) Jashpur Ranchi .(2) Jashpur Ambikapur via Manora, Kusmi (170). (3) Jashpur Ambikapur via Sanna Bagicha (170Km). These 2 and 3 are not all weather road. (4) Jashpur Ambikapur via Kunkuri ,patthalgaon (200 Km).

Sitonga is the level sharing point of Jashpur. Every down slops starts from the patthar or hill but even of the hilly area Jashpur district level is sharing from a plane field area.Just from a point water flows in two direction.One is in the north and second is in the south. As per the proverve ( a lok katha) there are two children of a family (a brother and a sister) guarding crops.The were misbehaved by their step mother.They guard the field whole day but did not go for lunch.Both were very hangry.They have a strow shed near a sarna (worship place of tribale’s where number of high trees were standing).The found two eggs.They did not had fire so did not cook it. They ate it each one. As soon as they ate, they became snak because the eggs were of snak.The both went into a pond just near they had.The pond was very small but as and when the entred into ,it became big and it became all weather pater pond. Now both are in the shape of snak. They became very sad by being snak but nothing could be done. They discussed among them and decided to go out from this pond and come here to visit every year on nagpanchmi. Sister named Banki went in the north and Brother named Siri went in the south.Through where they went it formed a river. And the name both these rivers are called Siri and Banki. As per their discussion and decision of visiting every year both they still come to visit. They are stay in that pond and also go to visit their family house.These are of a baiga family.The public of sitonga sitonga , organizing worship function every year and the baiga the Pujari was applying sindoor on both snaks faces and giving some fruits and foods for their eating.All were seeing then in a form of snak in a big shap and they were calling it by local name sarap sarpen.Now all the truth faded. But the pujari still worhip them and said by the pujari that they still visist there family on nagpanchmi but not appeared as how they were being appeared in the shape of snak. The do not appear because there is no heavy rain fall and river did not over flow.

NAGLOK: Development Block Pharsabahar is called NAGLOK. Because every year more than ten people die with snake bite.Now its graph is going down than previous. Because Govt. is giving some care for this area. There is a proposal for snake park in this block.

Gold wealth: Gold pieces are found in this Pharasbahar area. Maini ,Sonajori and Eve river are famous for the gold belts.Some specialist are observing about the presence of Diamond in Eve river. Once in 1993 a team of kolkata had found golds in mass volume and some pieces of diamond also in eve river at Budekela Near Eve Bridge. Budekela is the of water storage in river. Now water do not stop here after excavating by the Kolkata team.

Tomato: Ludeg is the village of tomato.Large area of this village is planted with Tomatoes in rainy season and the ripe tomatoes are found during October ,November, December and January.Tomato traders come from Allahabad, Ranchi, Jharsuguda and nearby districts with trucks and bamboo bags for carrying the tomato.Tommato of this area is sweeter that other area. One can eat is as a fruit. But there is no any industry for its by product.

Potato: The hilly (Pat) are of the Pandrapat is the mass producer of the tomatoes. Some traders are also take the land in lease and plant it with the local farmers. Govt. is also giving assistance (potato seeds) for the korwa families to raise up there economy.

Jackfruit: In upar ghat jashpur H.Q region many households have planted jackfruit trees in many numbers .Many big and small trees are found in every villages.These fruits are found during March, April, May and June. Many traders come from Allahabad, Gwalior and Ranchi and take for vegitable purpose in trucks and trains.

Bauxite: Manora block area is the belt of bauxite. All formalities has been completed for its excavation.